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Communities in Heritage Springs

Heritage Springs is a community of twenty-four villages with a total of 1,337 residences. Some are "maintained" villages that charge a monthly fee to cover the cost of landscaping, irrigation, waste management, and other bundled services. Maintained villages elect their own officers who make decisions that are in the best interests of their residents. Many of these villages employ a management company to collect the fees and manage the vendor services. Others are "self-maintained" villages in which the residents are responsible for hiring their own contractors to provide these services. 

The villagers select a Village Representative who meets with other Village Representatives at the clubhouse on the second Tuesday of each month. They choose a chairman, who e-mails an agenda to the representatives in advance of the meeting, and a secretary who takes the minutes at the meeting. Discussed at the meetings are any concerns the villagers may want addressed. In attendance at the meetings are the General Manager and the Board Liaison; they provide information and updates on topics of interest to the village residents.

The types of villages include homes (H), attached villas (AV) and detached villas (DV). Those that are maintained are noted as "M". The number of homes in the village is also found in parentheses. Below is a list of the villages with their descriptive designations.  Please note that Lakeside Village is split to indicate that 44 homes in the village are "maintained" and 26 homes are "self-maintained".

Clubhouse Village - H (42)                  Country Club - AV, DV, H (25)

Cypress Bend Estates - H, (29)          Cypress Loop Village - H, M (57)     

Deer Run Village - H, M (91)               Egret Landing Village - AV, M (45)

Fairway Village - AV, M (70)               Fountain View Estates - H, (38)

Gentle Breeze Village - H, M (105)     Golf View Estates - H, (42)

Green Leaf Village - H, M (23)            Heritage Estates - H, (83)

Lake Forest Estates - H, (61)              Lakeside Village I - H, M (44)

Lakeside Village II - H, (26)                 Lakestone Village - H, M (56)

Nature's Place - H, M (47)                   Oakwood Village - H, (38)

Palm Breeze Village - H, M (62)         Scenic View Estates - H, (49)

Spring Crest Village - AV, M (80)        Springtree Village - AV, M (50)

Twin Lakes Village - H, M (55)            Wedgewood Village - H, M (43)

Winding Willow Village - H, M (76)